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With Copenhagen Chocolate we strive as high at we possibly can, we don't really care about the price, if it indeed, is the best quality available in the world.

We want to bring you into our world, a world of chocolate, and where chocolate is not just chocolate, but has as many complexities as wine.

We have many different Dark chocolates, ranging very widely.


Making chocolate. 

When talking about making chocolate, granulate size quickly comes up, so does fermentation, and conching.

When the cocoa beans has be harvested, dried in the sun, and roasted, they have to be grinded. At first they become broken, then smaller and smaller, as time passes. Finally they are so finely grinded, that they become fluent, at this stage its called cocoa liquor, the friction makes it very hot. 

These very tiny particles, now seems fluent to the eye, but when looked at,
in a microscope, it is actual very very tiny granulates. These granulates are measured in microns (1 micron is 1/1000 of a millimeter). 

Most normal good quality chocolate has a size of 17-25 microns,
Copenhagen Chocolate bars are 6 microns.

Try the sensation of chocolate becoming fluent in a much more fluent way than normal. 

Single origin chocolate are characteristic for all the beans use to make the chocolate has been harvested in the same place. The soil, the weather etc. all play an important role in the taste of the finished chocolate.

Our Single origin chocolates, we give you the GSP coordinates, of where the beans has been grown.

We go all the way up the scale in dark power, all the way up to 100%, meaning no sugar at all.

What is surprising, this is actually eatable, and the 80 and 91% actually tastes  very nice.

We do know, it's not a cheap chocolate, but it is among the best there is, give it a try.

As we always say, welcome eating chocolate with us.