Nuts´n More

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Our long lasting range Nuts´n More started out with nuts, and over time it has evolved into what it is today.

We put our pride into making a range of chocolate products, what are made from real belgium chocolate, no palm oil, or anything else that is bad. 

Last year we entered the cooperation with Cacao Horizons, the only sustainability program, that is 100% dedicated to making life better from the farmers, who make it possible for us to have good chocolate. 

Buying our chocolate, help others, to get a richer life, they deserve it.

We call it affordable luxury, and common sence.

Our mission with the Nuts´n More brand is to make a lot of different well tasting drage items, and sell very good natural and salted almonds and nuts,
different from the usual quality you can get in a supermarket.
We have sold many many bags to a lot of loyal costumers through the years, so to everyone new, welcome to our family.