For us, being responsible starts with protecting the environment and the people behind the source of our cocoa. And by choosing our chocolate, you’re part of this solution too.
It means you are making a positive impact on the world through the choice of what you buy. You’re contributing to increasing biodiversity on farms and ensuring our ingredients are deforestation-free. We’re working with our partners to use more and more renewable energy in our production. We’re also trying to ensure that farmers can better mitigate impacts from climate change, improve the quality of soil, and therefore the quality of cocoa.
We’re doing things the right way, and you’re enabling that to happen. So don’t just enjoy your chocolate; take pride in your choice.


  • Providing business plans and access to non-cocoa seedlings in order to diversify farms.
  • Mapping all high-risk Cocoa Horizons farmers to ensure they are not located in protected forest, therefore supplying deforestation-free cocoa.
  • Training Cocoa Horizons farmers to reduce waste by reusing pod husks for composting, banana leaves for fermenting, and certain plants (e.g. leguminous) as a food crop and to enrich the soil.
  • Teaching farmers to place pruned branches around the base of the tree, so that organic matter enriches the soil.
  • “Today, my cocoa farm is located on fallow land where there were aging coffee trees. We have been taught to use the fallow lands and not clear new land for our farms. This is how we tackle deforestation. We put the emphasis on farm rejuvenation." Akekoua Ane Yvette, Cocoa Farmer, Côte d'Ivoire