I, Tina Jacobsen Wilstrup, am a trained pastry chef.
My heart and my taste buds have always burned for chocolate. When I saw the opportunity in 1996 to continue an old, well-known chocolate shop in Frederiksberg from 1923, it was like a dream come true.

I have now brought the old craft back to the time when quality came before mass production, and now sit at my dipping tub and still use the ancient molds.

Throughout the day you can see from the avenue how we make chocolate in the workshop.

Our range includes, among others, the oranges that have drawn in grand marnier for up to six months. The marzipan has an almond content of up to 70%. Or how about a gold ball - a pure heavenly mouthful of soft nougat, crispy hazelnut and orange to finally get a dip of chocolate and a breath of 18 carat gold!

All the 60 variants are made from the most exquisite raw materials - e.g. the best French and Belgian chocolates, organic coffee beans, unsprayed oranges, candied real violets - of course, without dyes, additives or essences.

On the other hand, I use with a round hand. the finest cognac, Grande Fine Champagne, from the cognachuset, Logis de la Mothe, in the heart of the Cognac District - all beautifully served in a mahogany box that I have made in several sizes.
In my small business you can always come and get advice on chocolate from me and my amazing staff, who are passionate about chocolate and the good experience as much as I do.

We also hold small lecture evenings, courses, stag parties, etc.