Reserved Chocolate.

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The concept behind Reserved Chocolate is to make real chocolate, with a high and perfectly balanced ratio between the chocolate, the flavour and the centre of the drage or the filling of bonbon.

We have developed 23 different drage products, where the optimum balance between the centre and the chocolate is somewhere around 60-70% chocolate.

In the not so distant future, we’ll also launch a nice range of pralines / bonbons / filled chocolates.

Here there will also be a focus on the right balance in the flavours and raw materials.

We strive to use very good and honest raw materials in everything we do, 

We buy our almonds in Spain, where they are hand selected. The quality they call superior selection, we then have them roasted in Denmark. The hazelnuts are from Turkey, the biggest grower of hazelnuts in the world.

Other ingredients such as licorice powder, we buy in bulk bags, raw licorice, and salmiac liquorice, and mix it our self, to get the balance we desire. Raspberry powder is 100% natural, in a dark red colour, nothing artificial, it has the perfect taste and freshness you would expect.

We select all our raw materials in a continuously effort to buy very good and high-quality raw materials.

No added sugar.

In the process of doing this, we say the need for a no sugar added range in the market. Not only is the problem of diabetes increasing all the time, but also normal people are starting to cut down on sugar.

So far most of the sugar free or no added sugar chocolate products are usually not very interesting when it comes to flavour. We decided to do something about that - we think we have achieved a very nice range of 9 different products for a start.

Now, no added sugar, does not mean, bad chocolate, try Reserved Chocolate, no added sugar, and taste for yourself.


The team with Selected Gourmet Group, want to give you a very good experience, and provide really good products under the brand Reserved Chocolate.